The Book of Dahlia

Book One of the Shulim Cycle

Excerpt: The Wedding

Marilyn stood in the light of the windows around her. The sunlight danced lightly along the white dress with its long train laid out carefully along the floor behind her. … Continue reading

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Official Preview

I have created a brief preview for the Book of Dahlia in PDF format. You can view it here: Chemistry. You can continue reading below or click on the post … Continue reading

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Psychic Vampires

Generally speaking, psychic vampires are not afflicted by the same curse as their blood-drinking counterparts. They do not fear sunlight, holy symbols, consecrated grounds, or wooden stakes. They are also … Continue reading

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The Magdalene Asylum

The emergence of the Magdalene Asylum was both in response to a problem and, over time, problematic. The purpose of the Asylum was to reform women who had fallen from … Continue reading

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