The Book of Dahlia

Book One of the Shulim Cycle

Psychic Vampires

Generally speaking, psychic vampires are not afflicted by the same curse as their blood-drinking counterparts. They do not fear sunlight, holy symbols, consecrated grounds, or wooden stakes.

They are also not the creepy Goth kids you see on TV who appear to leech auras. That effect is actually fairly common, though done unconsciously. A few people who are particularly active in psychic ability can do it consciously. While they get a rush from it, they do not feed from it any more than a wanna-be vampire gets sustenance from drinking blood.

A psychic vampire, like any vampire, feeds off of the soul. They do this through emotion, as emotion is how our Soul is linked to our Mind and Body. By feeding on your emotion, a psychic vampire gets to drink a little of your soul.

Some psychics do this in what they consider to be a relatively harmless way. They will flood their intended victim with emotions, causing the person to reciprocate those emotions at a heightened pitch. The vampire then feeds off of this emotion. There is a little energy that has to be expended, but it is returned to the psychic vampire many times over. How effective a method it is depends on what the vampire does to heighten the reciprocated emotion. Many choose sex, because it is the easiest way to gain heightened emotion, though it is not the only method chosen.

It is not harmless. Humans can become addicted to the rush of emotion they receive from the psychic vampire prior to the feeding. If the manipulation ends, they may seek it out any number of places. If they were aware of the psychic vampire’s nature, they may seek another to fulfill their need. It can also lead to any number of other emotional or mental problems for the human. The types of problems and how serious they are depend on the types of emotions the psychic vampire was heightening to feed.

Other psychic vampires choose locations and situations where emotion is already going to be heightened. This may include parties, sports events, and romantic encounters. Any place that causes a high emotion in humans is good. There are even cases of psychic vampires using high schools, college campuses, and even churches for feeding.

These psychics draw off of the residual energy of a group rather than targeting an individual. Because in social interactions, humans instinctively reach out with their emotions, thus exposing some of their soul, psychic vampires are able to feed with ease. Provided that the psychic is not artificially influencing the emotional level of the group, this feeding method is relatively harmless. Unlike the other methods, humans do not fed from in this way show no signs that they were prey to a psychic’s feeding.

There are psychics who feed as forcefully and violent as any other kind of vampire. These psychics will aggressively attack their prey, often times killing them. They generally feed off of darker emotions. It is difficult to draw up positive emotions in this type of feeding. This kind of activity is usually discouraged among psychic, so it occurs very rarely.

Psychics who feed off of negative emotions, no matter the method of feeding, have their own problems. They become desensitized to other emotional output, so that negative emotion is all they can feed from. They also require more and more to be sated, so that after a while, they have no choice but to kill in order to feed.

Psychic vampires also experience something else if they begin to feed darkly too often. The cause of this is as yet unknown, but psychic vampires who feed darkly become come to share in more and more of the typical “vampire” curse. They become more and more sensitive to sunlight. It is suspected, but not verified, that they adopt other weaknesses as well.

Psychics are known to police themselves and will deal with dark feeders. Dark feeders are dangerous for all psychics, not just the dark feeder and its human prey. Their presence draws attention and psychics depend on anonymity and the ability to blend in to survive.


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